1952 Born in Taegu, South-Korea

1971 - 75
Study of Korean Literature and Language, Kyoung Book University, Daegu

1975 - 81      
teacher,  Highschool and Middleschool of HyubSung foundation of education.

private study in the artstudios of  Sun-Taek Chun, Hakro Choi. group exhibitions in Daegu, Korea

1981 - 86      
Study of fine arts with E. Caramelle, Th. Bayrle, G. Wittner, B. Jäger, M. Huth
in the State college of fine arts Städelschule,  Frankfurt/Main, Germany

since 1986     
independant artist

1987 - 93      
Study of esthetics and philosophy with Jürgen Habermas and Brigitte Scheer,
Germanistics in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main  

since 1999
lives and works in Brussels and in Cologne

work also as art curator and interpreter; English, German, French, Korean

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